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February 05 2015


Best Kinect fitness games 2015

Have you recently purchased an X box Kinect and unsure of what to buy? If you are looking for fitness games to help you tone up and lose weight you have come to the right place. There are many available on the market and this page will feature the best ones.

This is one of the best selling highest rating gaming consoles. It will provide hours of fun as well as an excellent way to lose weight. The good thing is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your living room to play it. If you feel like playing the at 1am you can do so without having to worry about a trip to the gym.

There will be a range of games featured on this lens including dance, sports, workout and other fitness weight loss related games.

These make a great Christmas gift for those of any age

Image credit is Amazon

If you are not totally sure what Dance Central involves, watch this video. This video includes clips of a guy doing a few of the dances. He dances to Poker Face and a few other songs. During the song you have to pirate kings hack mirror the dancer on the TV screen. There is also a prompt to tell you what to do next. You are scored based on how well you follow the dance routine.

Many people are using the Kinect to get fit and one thing they want to know is how many calories can you burn while working out. This video shows a guy working out on Kinect Sports. He does some boxing and some track and field and works out how many calories he burns. In just under 20 minutes he burns around 118 calories using Kinect sports, meaning that in an hour he could average 354 calories. This pretty good and much more fun than the gym.

Want to see what Zumba Fitness game involves then watch this short video of a girl performing some of the dances.

Here is a short clip of Michael Jackson The Experience Kinect Dance game. See a duet in which two people can dance to Dirty Diana.

This martial arts themed game is due for release on June 28th 2011. Preorder yours today.

Do you want to see the gameplay and what Zumba Fitness Rush entails? I always find video reviews are the best way to see a game in action

Sometimes the best way to burn calories and to lose weight is to play and have fun and not calorie watch. Well the PlayFit is a great new tool that counts all the calories you burn while you play your favorite games.

It is available for free download to Xbox live customers in the USA from July 10th 2012, and will be available to other countries in the future.

Read more here

Looking for some information and videos Here you go

February 02 2015


Selling Apps, MP3s and eBooks in the EU Youre on the Hook for VAT

Is your business delivering electronic content to consumers worldwide? Have you registered for value-added tax (VAT) where your customers are located? When it comes to electronic content, VAT can be complicated, and your business may need to be registered in each country of supply.

The global electronic content market is booming. Products that were traditionally sold in tangible formatsmusic, books, moviesare readily available as instantaneous downloads, straight to a consumers device of choice. And companies invested in these types of goods are working quickly to make the digital switch, to meet the demands of the market.

How is it that these companies, familiar with VAT being a consumer responsibility, may suddenly find themselves presented with numerous fines and penalties for noncompliance?

Surprise: Digital goods are actually considered services

Typically, when a U.S.-based company sells goods to private EU citizens, the business will not have to register for VAT, if the customer acts as the importer of record. However, electronic content is a unique type of product, known as an electronically supplied service (ESS). Any type of downloadable contentMP3s, games, videos, mobile applications, eBooks can be considered ESS. Specific VAT applies to supplies of such services within the EU, the default position being that the supplies take place in the country where the customer resides.

For example, if a business in pirate kings cheats the U.S. sells a CD to a consumer in the U.K., no VAT registration is required by the U.S. company, as the customer is the importer of record when the goods are shipped. However, if the company sells a digital version of the same album to the same consumer, the business is liable for VAT and must register in the U.K. This is because MP3s are considered ESS, so VAT needs to be collected where the service is supplied, the U.K. in this instance.

If youre making the switch, be conscientious

The number of companies in the ESS space will likely grow in the next few years as the market expands. The digital music market is projected to hit $20 billion, eBook sales are expected to triple by 2016 and mobile app store revenue may exceed $58 billion. There will likely be many companies realigning products to meet the market demand, like CD companies selling MP3s or magazine publishers moving to digital editions.

These are the companies that often find themselves in VAT compliance hot water, when making the switch from tangible goods to ESS. Tax authorities are actively pursuing providers of such products, as the ESS market grows, to determine whether or not they are complying with VAT regulations. Sizeable penalties are being levied for failing to comply, and at-fault companies may even need to repay historic VAT fees and late payment interest.

The good news: For non-EU based suppliers of ESS with the need to register for VAT across Europe, there is a special simplification scheme which enables multiple EU country VAT accounting to be administered through a central portal and a single country registration.

For EU-based suppliers of ESS who currently account for VAT on supplies of locally, a change in approach will roll out in 2015. A current proposal will make registering for VAT in the EU a one stop shop, as opposed to registering piecemeal in each of the individual member states. The Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) proposal is set to go into effect January 2015, first for e-commerce, broadcasting and telecom services.

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